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In my mentoring service for photographers and creatives, I dig deep and meet you exactly where you're at to help you truly move the needle in your business. Are you ready to bring in an expert to review the back-end of your business and give you an implementation plan, so you’re navigating in the dark? 

I offer personalized consulting services and Q&A sessions to use my strengths and organization skills to help you succeed in a manageable way. 

Whether you're looking for better ways to market your business, or you want to learn how to create a seamless system and client experience to take your business to the next level, I’m here to partner with you to get all the little pieces to work better.

The “business side” of entrepreneurship comes naturally to me, but I've come to understand these are not intuitive strengths (and passions) for many creative entrepreneurs. 

There are a few things in life as rewarding to me as helping another person succeed. 

+ Business Organization
+ Client Experience
+ Workflows and Automations 

+ Content Creation
+ Search Engine Optimization
+ Marketing Strategy

+ Photo Editing 
+ Photo Styling 
+ Photography Equipment 

Some past topics include:

One-on-one mentoring designed specifically for you

I’ll recap our time together and provide you with a clear and simplified implementation plan to help you take action and achieve tangible results quickly. 

Step 3: Recommendations report

We’ll meet via video chat to first conduct a gap analysis (i.e. what is working and what isn’t). Then we’ll discuss your goals and vision, and strategize what your next steps should be. 

Step 2: 90-minute mentor call

Once you book your session, you’ll receive an in-depth questionnaire for you to fill out so I can learn more about you and your business. This allows me to understand where you’re at and come prepared to make the most of our time together

step 1: assessment

My Process is Simple but Effective...

Olivia, Living Photography

"Rachel helped me overhaul my backend processes and SEO and doubles as my therapist. I would recommend her to ANYONE looking to optimize their site."

"Rachel takes so much time to dive in and really understand your business, your ideal target market, and your goals for SEO. Her process was simple and easy to follow, which took the stress and guess-work out of it all. A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders since working with Rachel."

Brooke, Brooke Elisabeth Photography

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After successfully growing my photography business for the last 6 years, I began applying my experience, skills, and knowledge to fill the gap between the “business” side of things and the joy of being a "creative”.

Friend, you CAN have less screen time and more dream time. The steps are yours to take, but you don’t have to map it all out on your own. I’m ready to partner with you for better and bigger results.

With a background in marketing, photography, and teaching, I have a unique blend of skills to help creative entrepreneurs succeed. I brought the classroom with me, because I truly love coaching, strategizing, and teaching in all sectors; corporate, public education, and creative. 

I'm a digital marketing & system strategist who is on a mission to help creatives optimize the back end of their businesses to scale and succeed.

Hi, I'm Rachel!

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