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with my crm setup services, I take the time to intimately get to know your business and processes so i can make your system work the best for you and your unique needs. no more manual entry and stressful project juggling. we'll get your systems working for you so you have time to focus on the things that matter most. 

Honeybook and Dubsado are rich in features to automate and streamline your business processes. However, I find many creatives are overwhelmed by these systems and only adopt a small portion of the features available. I specialize in system optimization and 

I specialize in system optimization and training, so I not only help with the complicated setup, but I'll train you on how to use your new CRM configuration so you're prepared to use your system moving forward. 

your crm is perhaps the most important and powerful tool in your business. let's ensure it's making your business more efficient rather than stressful.

Honeybook and Dubsado Setup Services for Creative Entrepreneurs

Olivia, Photographer

If you're finding yourself lost in the sauce that is Dubsado and feeling completely overwhelmed, look no further than Rachel. She took the time to reconfigure the backend of my business and turn it into a streamlined and automated process. The best part is that she explained to me all the changes she made and gave me the education to make further changes if needed. Because of her help I'm able to spend less time behind my screen and more time with my clients and family. She is worth every penny and more!

SARAH, Photographer

Working with Rachel is a breath of fresh air. She turns your needs and wants into functioning workflows and features. I am all about working smarter not harder and she will do just that for you! The options of workflows and functions she offers help your business function more efficiently while still keeping you connected with your clients. She is hands on with any follow up help and questions to make sure you are getting the most out of all she does for you. Rachel took the overwhelmed features of these CRMs and made it work just as I needed for my business! 

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You'll complete a questionnaire and we'll get on a kick off call to go through all the details of your process and current system use. I'll create a map of your process and get your approval before proceeding.  

Step 3: Kick Off!

Based on our consultation, I'll send you a custom proposal for the work you need. Complete the booking process to kick start our project!

Step 2: custom quote & booking

Inquire using the booking button below. We'll hop on a consult call to discuss where you're at with your CRM and where we can make improvements.

step 1: inquire & Consult

My Process

I'll get to work setting up your CRM system and we will both test your workflows so you can feel confident everything works to your process.

Step 4: Work & Testing

I'll train you on your CRM setup & provide ongoing to support for up to 90 days

Step 5: TRaining & support

CRM Setup Services Pricing

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Due to the unique nature of every business and their processes, all pricing for Honeybook or Dubsado setup services is completely custom. However, every CRM setup services includes 90 days of post-project support. You have three months after your project is complete to ask questions, review processes, and make modifications to ensure your CRM is serving you well. 

+ Lead Capture/Inquiry Form setup
+ Proposal creation
+ Questionnaire creation

+ Workflow/automation setup
+ Scheduler setup
+ Email template clean-up & creation

+ Integration use & setup
+ Project workflows and funnels
+ Consulting & training

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All CRM setup projects start with a consult call to learn about your current system use and what you're looking to improve. Schedule a consult call now to get a custom quote & kick off your project!

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After successfully growing my photography business for the last 6 years, I began applying my experience, skills, and knowledge to fill the gap between the “business” side of things and the joy of being a "creative”.

Friend, you CAN have less screen time and more dream time. The steps are yours to take, but you don’t have to map it all out on your own. I’m ready to partner with you for better and bigger results.

With a background in marketing, photography, and teaching, I have a unique blend of skills to help creative entrepreneurs succeed. I brought the classroom with me, because I truly love coaching, strategizing, and teaching in all sectors; corporate, public education, and creative. 

I'm a digital marketing & system strategist who is on a mission to help creatives optimize the back end of their businesses to scale and succeed.

Hi, I'm Rachel!

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