As a photographer, I helped people be present on their special days. Now I help you be present in your business & everyday life.

Digital Marketing Assistant for Photographers

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I see you working hard to build a dream business and be your own why does it feel like you’re spending all your time on tasks that don’t fill your cup? 

Let’s do something about that, shall we?

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I've taken my 6 years of experience as a photographer and transferred my learnings and heart for serving others over to this marketing business. Over the years, I found myself in a sea of creatives who felt overwhelmed by the never-ending list of tasks that all seem necessary and important. While most creatives struggle with the “business side” of things, this is exactly where I truly thrive. Crazy...I know!

So I decided to marry my passion for teaching and technology to help you break the cycle of overwhelm and scale your business to new heights. While I might not be carrying my camera around all the time anymore, I’m on a mission to help photographers and creatives ease their overwhelm and build a legacy through a marketing and operations lens.

Today, I'm still just as motivated by serving others with the hope of making the world a better place and giving them the time and creativity freedom to focus on what matters. Isn’t that what entrepreneurship is all about after all?

I’m Rachel. I'm a wife, mom, photographer, organizer, and world traveler. My entrepreneurial journey started when I turned my love for photography into a small business. I fell in love with photography not just because of the pretty flowers and genuine smiles. What really filled my cup was the opportunity to serve my clients in such a way that allowed them to be completely present in the moment (whether that be on their wedding day or graduation day) and confident in building their life long legacy. 

Hi friend! 

You shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you need to market your business in order to gain traction. The best strategy stands on a secure & well-curated foundation.

I help businesses optimize their websites to gain more visibility and create marketing strategies to nurture visitors through an intentional journey.

I believe…

It’s possible to get in front of the right audience and book clients consistently without working yourself to the ground.

The “business side” of things doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming, or overwhelming.

My relationship with my clients should be a partnership, not a transaction. Trust me, I genuinely care about you and your success. 

my journey

I‘ve always been a natural educator. My 5th grade teacher would send his students to me for additional math help.


I started college, pursuing a degree in Education. I graduated with honors with a degree in teaching high school English.


I started my photography business as a college student to capture joyful moments that would stand the test of time. 


I got a corporate job and worked as a marketing strategist and technical trainer for a software company while continuing to grow my photography business on the side. 


I am able to merge all of those experiences into my business today - empowering creatives to create a better work-life balance and build a scalable business.


Did I mention I love a good list?

Like this one, of my favorite things.

International travel

True crime podcasts

A great pair of jeans

Harry Potter marathons

Anything chocolate!

let's do this

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I see you over there hustling, Googling everything you don’t know, and realizing entrepreneurship is a lot more than you signed up for.

But here’s the secret: you don’t have to be the expert in everything. You’re already capable, and you have what it takes to run a successful and sustainable business. 

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